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ODS to XLS is an online application that can be used to convert any openoffice or staroffice spreadsheet format, namely, ODS files to Microsoft Excel xls/xlsx format. ODS is the well known spreadsheet format offered by opensource openoffice as an alternative to Microsoft office. However, viewing and opening of ods files needs the installation of openoffice on the computer (Microsoft office needs a special package to read these files). Did you receive / download an ods file and only have MS office on your computer? You can use our ODS to XLS converter and upload the ODS file and save the converted xls file. If you have MS office 2003 or lower, please choose the xls format. If you have a more latest version of MS office, you can choose the xlsx format. The best thing about our web application is that all it needs is a web browser. It works both on windows, linux or mac machines.

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