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HTML to EXCEL conversion tool can extract any html styled table to excel format. If you have a huge amount of data and pictures on a webpage then you can extract all the necessary data into an excel spreadsheet so that it is easier for further manipulation of data. The html to excel conversion tool supports both formats of excel formats, namely, xls and xlsx formats. Our algorithm is smart to extract tables not only from html files but also from aspx and php files. A general copy paste of tables is not only difficult but also will not work in many situations. Using our web application, you can either upload a html file and extract the tables directly into excel files OR enter the web address of any page on a website and save the tables on the webpage directly in the excel file. Needless to say, you can use our application on windows, mac or linux machines, without the need to have Microsoft office or any other software. All you need is a web browser (we recommend Google Chrome).

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