eBook to PDF

 Step 1: Select EPUB File

 Step 2: Settings of Output PDF (Metadata)


 Step 3: Convert to PDF format

 How to convert EPUB to PDF


converts EPUB open ebook standard (.epub) to a standard Adobe pdf document online. EPUB is extremely optimized for content flow on different devices. It also supports both inline raster and vector images. Similar to PDF formats it also has metadata embedded in the epub files. Special software is needed to view books or documents in epub format. If you are distributing ebooks or other content in epub format, then it is advisable to also convert them to PDF format. Unlike epub format, pdf documents can be viewed using Adobe PDF reader which is easily found and is free. Our webapplication can be used to convert any epub file to pdf document online. The application also allows to set the metadata of the output pdf document. The images and formatting of the content is as closely as possible reproduced in the output PDF document.

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