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 About Autocad Dwg to Pdf conversion

Dwg to Pdf converts autocad files that have dwg, dwf and dxf extension to pdf format online. If you have a autocad drawing and wanted to share it with others, it is recommended to convert the file into a more popular format like pdf. In order to view the autocad files (.dwg) directly on your computer, you need to have autocad installed which is very expensive and everybody does not have it on their computers. Autocad files can be saved in many formats apart from dwg, like the more compressed and secure dwf format and dxf formats. Our converter supports all the 3 files formats, namely, dwg, dxf and dwf. Additionally you have full control over the final rendered pdf. You can select the background color and quality (by choosing a higher DPI value). Finally, the pdf metadata like title, keywords and subject can be set so that your pdf becomes searchable and easily indexed. We are sure that you would be impressed by the quality of 2D and 3D drawings in pdf format. If you receive or download an autocad drawing and wanted to view it, the best option if to convert it to a pdf file so that it can be viewed easily by free adobe pdf viewer.

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