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 About CR2 to JPG conversion tool

CR2 to JPG is a raw image format conversion tool that can be used to convert any raw camera image file format (.cr2) like the canon image file to common image formats like JPG or JPEG file online. Using the current application, you can upload a canon and other camera raw image file and convert it to a JPG file online. CR2 raw file format is similar to a negative in a conventional photographic strip. The file contains the raw data that is needed to develop the file into a JPG or JPEG file. One of the popular programs that can open a CR2 file is Adobe Photoshop. However, many people may not have photoshop installed on their computer in order to make the conversion and view the contents of the file. Our simple web application does the conversion by the click of a button. It works on both MS windows and Mac machines because all it needs to make the conversion if a web browser. The application also allows to select the quality of the image and also the output image file format.

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