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Word to Excel converts Microsoft word to excel formats online. It is one of the unique applications online that extracts content (images, tables, etc) from a word file and converts it into an excel file. Do you have a doc or docx file that has long tables of data and you need to copy them to a excel file? Our application extracts tables from a doc file and converts them to Microsoft excel format. Any pictures, additional text and other word elements are also exported in the right format into the excel file. Our word to excel converter is one of the best online that maintains the format accurately and reproduces as many elements from the doc file as possible in the excel file. It is also very fast and can convert 100's of pages in a matter of seconds. No special software is necessary to use the application. All you need is a browser, since a web browser is available on any PC, our software can be used both on Microsoft Windows and a mac machine.

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