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 Xcf to Jpg or Png Image Conversion Tool

XCF to JPG - is our software that can help convert gimp files (xcf) to other image formats. Gimp is one of the most popular image editing formats especially for Linux users. Since Gimp is free image editing tool, you could receive or download a Gimp xcf file. In order to view these files or modify them, you would need special software. More importantly, if these images are to be shared through email or on a webpage then it is more convinient to convert xcf files to more popular Jpg, Png, Bmp or Gif file formats. These jpg images can be viewed using any common image viewers. Our application can convert multiple layers from the xcf file and consolidate the information accurately in a simple jpg format. All the colors and information in the xcf image is accurately reproduced in the output format. The file sizes obtained using our software are also remarkably small.

More information about XCF image format