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 About TGA to Jpg or Gif or Png or Bmp Converter

TGA to JPG is our webapplication that converts Truevision TGA or targa raster image file format to common image formats like JPG, Gif, Png or BMP online. Targa (truevision advanced raster graphic adapter) is a file format that was originally specified by AT &T with the common file extension of ".tga" on windows and ".tpic" on a mac. Tga being a very specialised graphic format is not viewable and editable by everyone. Therefore, our application can be used in those scenarios to convert them to more common formats for example JPG. Our web application works both on a mac and windows machine and needs no software except for a web browser and an internet connection. Choose the output image format of your choice, select the image quality you desire and click on the convert button to change targa (.tga or .tpic) files to either Jpg, Gif, Png or Bmp files. Though our application will work in any browser, we recommend Google Chrome.

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