Convert PNG to JPG

 Step 1: Select PNG File (.png)

 Step 2: Select Output Image Format Type

Image Format: jpg png gif bmp

 Step 3: Convert to Jpg Or Jpeg

 About PNG to JPG conversion tool

PNG to JPG is a one of our popular applications that can convert any transparent PNG image format file to JPG or JPEG online. Just select the png file on your computer, select the output image format that you desire and convert and save the JPG file. Our application also supports the conversion to the special JPEG, gif or bmp format. Portable network graphics or PNG is a raster image format and is one of the most popular lossless compression image formats that is used online. However in some cases, you may need to convert it to JPG format. Our application can come handy and you can convert any portable network graphics or Png file to JPEG. PNG has a variety of transparency options. Our PNG to JPG will not only work on Microsoft Windows machines, but also mac. All you need is a browser, either Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari. We however recommend Google Chrome. Though you can select any output image format, we recommend png to JPG conversion.

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