Step 1: Select Nikon Raw Image (.NEF) File

 Step 2: Select Output Image Format

Image Format: jpg png gif bmp

 Step 3: Convert to Jpg Or Png Or Gif Or Bmp

 About NEF to JPG conversion tool

NEF to JPG webapplication can convert any raw Nikon image file, namely NEF format to more common image formats like JPG, PNG, BMP or GIF. Nikon camera image files in their raw format contain all the minute details of the image. In order to view the contents of a NEF file, you would need a special software. If you are intending to email the file to other, they would not be able to view the file if they do not have a NEF viewer software. Using our application, you can convert any complex Nikon raw NEF file to more image formats that can be viewed by any image viewer. The output image formats that our application supports are JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG and BMP. The finest details pixel by pixel are read and converted by our application. The best thing about web application is the fact that it only needs a web browser to convert NEF files to JPG format. Upload your NEF raw Nikon image file, choose the output image format and convert the file with the click of a single button.

More information about Nikon Raw NEF file format