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 How to Convert BMP to JPG Online

Our BMP to JPG converts any bitmap image file (.bmp) to jpg online. BMP is a raster graphics (dot matrix data structure; pixel format) image file format that is common mostly with Microsoft windows users. The main problem with BMP files is the file size. BMP image files are usually very heavy in file sizes. If you want to put these images online or want to send them by email, it could be very difficult due to file size restrictions. Use our application (BMP to JPG) and convert the large sized BMP files into lighter weight JPG, PNG or GIF format. We would recommend the lossless Jpg format which could potentially give a much smaller compressed file size. Our application reads all the details pixel by pixel in the BMP and reproduces the information with true colors and immaculate details in the output image format. The quality of the image could be less when the GIF output format is selected.